Monday, November 28, 2011

November 28, 2011

Family! How is everyone doing? Guess what, I actually totally forgot that Thanksgiving happened until just now! How weird is that? I guess last Thursday was the first Thanksgiving meal I had eating Burritos, because that is what we ate. In all honestly I think I like Burritos more, but it's the tradition that counts. But that was in fact, my LAST Thanksgiving in the Mission if you can believe it, thats pretty nuts right? Well it's true, this time next year I'll be in shorts and a sweater, eating pretzels, and watching Sportscenter. Good times are ahead. But sounds like everyone had a great Thanksgiving, big props to H-Bomb for coming down despite being super pregnant, that is some serious family dedication. Thanksgiving is seriously a great time of the year, actually probably the best time of the year. The weather is pretty perfect, family gets together, and don't forgot the best of all, turkeybowl! I'm predicting that not a single Abbott attended this year, which is actually totally fine, it's not like they ever passed us the ball anyways. Guess we should stick with Basketball, but the Hulkamania shirts were always worth it. Oh and thanks for the pictures you sent Kev, I can barely recognize those kids! It took me forever to realize that the kid running around with Joseph was Benjamin, dude has grown a ton! Thats so weird, I specifically remember going with Kev and Rach to some baby store (I'm not sure why I went, I think I wanted to get lunch afterwards), and helping pick out super small shirts of Dinasours dunking basketballs and things like that. That was before Ben was even born, now he is running around that tree that will never grow in our backyard. I love all those kids so much, think they still remember I exsist? I bet 3/4 don't, but thats cool, I still remember all of them and am excited to get to know them even better in the future.

Man I wish I had more interesting things to tell you guys, but nothing is really coming to mind. There are still funny, weird, and random things that happen every single day, but I can never remember them. But just so you guys know, I'm definitely having an adventure out here. Oh wait here's one, the other day contacting we found tons of weird people. The first was the priest-kinda guy of a church of the Seventh Day (I think it translates like that in English), and he tried to give me a blessing so my feet would hurt less. About 5 minutes after that, we contacted a house full of Nuns. There are few things more interesting that knocking doors in Mexico. Anywho, we're still looking for more people to teach and baptize, but they're not as easy to find as we thought. Centro in Durango is like what Utah is for our church, but for the Catholic church, seriously a Cathedral in like every corner. But I am learning important things, especially like love and tolerance for other people and beliefs. Coming from the only completely true church, sometimes we get caught trashing other beliefs and cultures, and thats not cool. I'll admit, I have definitely done that here, but I'm trying to get better at that and love people regardless of their belefs and try to help them. I'm still far from perfect as always, but I like to think I am making progress. Kind of a bummer moment last Sunday, we actually had like 9 people committed to come to church, but guess how many! Wah, wah, waaah, but whatever, we'll get em' next week. Also here's something interesting, we are now teaching an 83 year old lady. Her name is Maria Elena, and she barely understands me, but she is actually progressing pretty well. If she ends up being baptized, I'll be sure to send pictures.

But yeah, life has been good lately. It's suddenly crazy cold down here, it got down to 15 degrees last night! Good thing you guys sent me that classy jacket when I was in Salt Lake, definitely coming in handy. I am definitely in the desert, this place seems to only have extremes of the weather. Either super hot, or incredibly cold. Makes me appreciate the greatness of California where it's great weather always, but like I said, always an adventure in Mexico. Personally I feel like I am learning tons and tons of things. The Mission is kinda like another baptism. We leave behind all the stupid things we did growing up, we basically learn, repent, and start our lives all over again as men. I'm making a point to learn as much as I can so I can become the best man I can. It's definitely a process, but I'm enjoying it, even though I still make silly mistakes like dropping the phone constantly, but whatever. Anyways guys, the Church is definitely true, and I know following the Gospel will make me the happiest and best person I could possibly me. And I am committed to doing just that. Hope everything is great back at home, you guys rock!

Elder Abbott

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