Monday, November 14, 2011

November 14, 2011

Did Ron Artest really change his name to something like that? Dude is absolutely crazy, but I can grow to love World Peace just like I grew to love Ron-Ron. Anyways, hows it going Family! Sounds like everything is going super well back at home. When I take a step back it's actually pretty easy to see how my family has been blessed for my service out here. I mean think about it, Mike had his first baby girl, Mark found a job, Kev and Rach found a cool place to live, Greg found a cool place to live, Randy isn't balding as fast as we thought, we're having two more baby girls in the family, and Mom and Dad have gone on cool trips and Dad is still Emulex'n it up. Isn't that cool? It's been a very progressive year for the Abbott family, and I like to think I helped somehow.

So it's been a pretty crazy week in Independencia, but I am super happy to say that we had the first baptism in this area in more than a year and a half! That's right, Prycilia made the decision to be baptized and it went super, super well. It was actually kind of a small miracle considering on Thursday she was starting to have second thoughts about being baptized. But Elder Astete and I got our praying on, and we actually did divisions the next day with the District Leader. So me and Mr. District Leader went to visit her, we explained baptism over again and what it meant, and she said yes! We even got her parents to give her the okay as well, which we thought would be a definite obstacle. So as you can tell by the pictures she asked me to baptize her, I wanted my companion to baptize her, but whatever. We had an awesome turnout as her baptisimal service, including her non-member family, and everything just went really well, way better than I thought it would. Just goes to show that if you do your part, El Señor puts the rest. We confirmed her last Sunday and now the family is wanting to know more. So we're hoping that good things are ahead in ol' Independencia. Besdies that nothing too crazy happened, now we just gotta find more people to teach. Easier said than done out here, but we'll do everything we can. You guys can check out a little bit of Durango in the pictures I sent. There are lots of huge Catholic Cathedrals, but it's actually a pretty area. Also I just ate Chinese Food for the first in forever, that was fun. The food really wasn't that good, at least compared to Panda Express, but still. Also actual Chinese people work there! How many times has there been Americans, in Mexico, eating Chinese Food? I imagine not too many, I like to think I am the first.

So anything else new happening on the home-front? Word on the street is that the NBA is not doing too well. Really when you think about it, I had the best possible Mission-NBA situation possible. First year fairly dissapointing without a ring, and now the NBA is basically non-existent. And then when I come back, Pau and Kobe will be well-rested and good to go. And how come nobody has sent me a picture of my new neice, Bella? I expect pictures of all the new babys, but not any gross ones, in fact maybe wait a couple of weeks to send me the picture. Don't get me wrong, I just think babys are cuter when they are out of their looking kinda like an alien stage. But I love them just the same. Also is Miles Joseph really turning 12 this week?! Dude, I totally remember when I was 12 years old, I was such a schmutz. Thank goodness Miles is Mr. Cool as always. Happy Biirthday Miles Jo, you the man. Okay Family, better get going, but sounds like everything is going well back at home which is always good to hear. Keep living the Gospel and doing what you know is right, and I promise you will all be happy. Guaranteed. I love all of you guys, have an awesome week!

Elder Abbott

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