Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September 6, 2011

Hey Family! So yup, I am officially 20 years old, can't you guys tell? Believe it or not I actually feel older, usually I feel pretty much the same after a birthday but now that I am in the big 2-0 I guess I feel a little bigger than before. I probably don't really look it in my pictures, but I definitely don't feel like the same Tyler that left for the Mish ten months ago. What they say about the Mission really is true ya know, you grow a lot. I mean if I was still at home right now going to school and everything, I'm sure I wouldn't have the same kind of growth I've experienced while being a Missionary. There are tons of experiences and things that you can only find in the Mission, and you really do learn a lot from them. Anyways, had a pretty quality Birthday week this week considering I got to have two delicious dinners on two seperate occasions. Like I told you guys I got to eat some super good Carne Asada on Thursday with cake and the whole thing, and then on Friday got to eat some huge hamburgers. The people here in Mexico give you so much food, you wouldn't even believe it. If you don't ask for seconds your basically saying that the food was terrible, so as a Missionary you gotta ask for seconds everytime. Needless to say I ate a ton this week, and it was really, really good. Can you tell in the pictures that I am thickening out? I feel way bigger than I ever was before, all my clothes have gotten too small for me and I've got some of the worlds tightest white shirts that I rock everyday. Oh and guess what else happened this week, I got my birthday package on Sunday! How perfect is that? It was pretty much like a normal Birthday when you think about it. I had some good food with friends on Friday and Saturday, and got the family package on Sunday. That's how my birthdays go normally, right? Friends and stuff on the weekend, and the family party on Sunday? Well I thought it worked out perfectly, And Mom just so you know, the pants fit perfectly, the socks are exactly what I needed, and the ties are awesome. And even as we speak I have Haribo gummy bears sitting in my fridge at home, I cannot wait to go and eat them. Really couldn't ask for a better birthday for my first in Mexico. So 20 years old is going to be the only year of my entire life that I will be a Missionary for the whole year, kinda weird, huh? I feel like I just turned 19 not too long ago, and I'm sure this next year will go by even faster, so I gotta take advantage of the time here while I got it.

So besides all the Birthday festivities and what not, nothing too crazy to report this week. Me and my companion were both sick this week and I'm still a little sick to tell you the truth. First I got sick with a cold/fever kinda thing, and then Elder Chavez got sick, and then I felt better and now I feel kinda sick again. It's kinda been an off week, but whether or sick or not we are going to have to get to work this next week. 95% this is my last week in La Rosa and I want to make sure all of my converts are strong in the church and we find a few new investigators for Elder Chavez and his new companion that will be coming in next week. One funny thing did happen this week though, Saturday our Zone Leaders asked us to go to the Stake Primary Talent Show that was in our building to go and see if any investigators come. So we went and took Jose with us, no investigators came but it was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. So many stressed out parents trying to get their tiny, tiny kids to sing songs that they don't even know. It pretty much changed into a parent talent show because none of the kids wanted to sing and so the parents just did their talent for them. Naturally me, Elder Chavez, and Jose really enjoyed it.

So how was were the Birthdays back at home? Hopefully Greg and Dad has awesome Birthdays too and got plenty of socks as well. What did you guys eat for the Birthday dinner? How good did Mark and Greg sing Happy Birthday this time? How long did they hold the last note on "to....you.......................?" Well I'm sure it was good times at home as it always is. Also Mom, I got the Abbott Family jeopardy thing in the package as well. The only question I remember it "what is the nickname for our neighbors who live across the street." I instantly knew that one, the Fat People. I only remember seeing that family like three times in my life, but each time they seemed to get fatter and fatter. Sorry, is that no class? Well it's true. Okay family, thinking I better get going, but just want to let you all know how much I love you. Thanks everyone for remembering me on me and Greg's Birthday, I really didn't feel home sick on my Birthday because I knew everyone was remembering ol' Tyler back at home. So as always the Church really is true, and it's the way that we can be a family for forever and have many a Birthday to share together.

Elder Abbott

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