Monday, September 19, 2011

September 19, 2011

Family! Man it's been a really fast and slow week all at the same time. Part of me feels like I just got here to Durango, and the other part feels like I've been here for a while now. Well obviously got a lot to tell you guys, and don't have much time, so I'm going to try my best to remember everything. First and foremost, the weather here is absolutely amazing, I have barely even sweated! After having sweated continually for like the past 5 months, the colder weather feels awesome. It's a little on the hot side today but nothing compared to how hot Torreon is. It rains here pretty much every single day, and it rains super, super hard. Not sure if you can see it really well in the picture I sent, but we got pretty drenched on the way back to home one day. This is the kinda place where the streets get majorely flooded and people start paddling in their boats. Okay the last part isn't true, but it does rain pretty hard in Durango. Well to be completely honest, Durango is just better in about everyway. It's less hot, cooler, less desert-y, and prettier. Also it's pretty good times with my very first white companion. Elder Toone is a great guy and I'm lucky to be with him. They actually put me with him to help him relax if you can believe it. Apparently he had problems with getting overly stressed and so they put me with him to help him relax and have fun while we do the work. I feel qualified for the assignment, I guess I have kind of reputation for being a laid-back guy, which is cool with me. That's not to say that I don't work, I just know how to enjoy what I do I guess. Not to mention Elder Toone is a master cook and makes delicious breakfast and dinner everyday. How incredibly awesome is that? He made brownies last night. That's how awesome it is. We both have a lot in common and we have a good time doing a little chit chatting.
As for the ward, I really like it. At first I definitely did miss everybody in La Rosa, but now I'm getting used to everybody and really enjoying it. We don't have a ward quite as big as La Rosa, but that's what we are here for, to get more people in the church. The Sisters in the ward give us food every single day, and it's delicious 95% of the time. Sometimes it's something really weird, but still not too bad. We should have two baptisms next week, and even more in the following weeks. We have a lot of people we are teaching and they all seem to be progressing really well. We had 7 investidatores in the church last week! Pretty sure thats the most I have ever had, so I'm happy with it. I still have a lot more to get to know around these parts, but so far so good in Insurgentes (my new area).
So hope everything is going really well at home for everbody. Now I'm going to ask a favor from everybody that I really hope you guys follow through with. This may come out really cheesy, but I want to hear how everybody in this family got their testimonies. Doesn't need to be some huge, miraculous moment or whatever, but how they slowly and steadily got their testimony. If you guys could write me about that I would love it.
Anyways better get going. But the email Brett sent of Kevin traveling back in time to be his own Santa Clause made me laugh so hard, and so did Greg's family night blooping story. Man I love this family. Okay everybody, take it easy, have a quality week, and talk to guys next time.
Elder Abbott

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