Monday, September 24, 2012

September 24, 2012

Family! So it's the start of a brand new change, and yep, it is the very last change. How weird is that? Totally never thought I'd get to this point, last area, last companion, last everything. I totally remember buddies I had before who got to their last change, 6 weeks flew by, and now those dudes have been in their house for a couple of months now. Don't worry, I'm not getting too ahead of myself, but In-N-Out is starting to seem less and less far away. Just gotta ratch it on up, and than ratch it back on down for this very last change, and bam! I'm the newest resident of Abby manor all over again. So nuts.
So this last change was definitely unlike any others I've had before. It was a whole different feel being Zone-Leader, and even more since we officially stopped knocking doors when we began the last change. I never thought I'd say it, but man did I miss knocking doors. Since the members didn't really give us any references, it was pretty much 100% working with less-active members, which It can be super cool when someone gets activated and all that, but I think it's even harder to activate a less-active person than baptize a person that doesn't know anything about the Gospel. The less-active kids always have these weird feuds with other members and for stupid little reasons refuse to come back to church. You know what I think that means? That they never really had a testimony to begin with! If someone really belives in Christ and His Church, than there's no question, they're going to be there when Sunday rolls around. Despite what some member might say about them. But I've for sure learned to be SUPER careful with the things I say to members of the church. Something I definitely didn't care a ton (at all) about before the Mish. I invite you guys to do the same. But yeah, we didn't get the chance to baptize anyone this change, but thats fine, some people plant, some people harvest, it's all the same work. But I think we've got some opportunities in this next change, we'll try to make some magic happen.
Elder Garcia is headed home this Thursday. He was a really...interesting companion, but gotta hand it to him, he made me laugh a ton. My new companion is named Elder Monteal, (yep, he's Mexican), and he gets in from Zacatecas at like 5. So we gotta go pick him up in a little bit. It's Elder Monteal's first go as Zone-Leader, so that means I'm Senior Comp again and will have to run the show for the last 6 weeks of der Mish. Should be fun, I'm looking forward to it. Elder Curtis, the Native-American kid who has been working with us will be going to Florida! Who knows why, but good for him, right?
So I guess thats whats going on in my life? I guess I've ran out of super interesting things to say for the last leg of the Mish. Tons of interesting/weird/funny/spiritual/scary things happen every day, but I usually forget about the majority of them when Monday rolls around. But just take my word for it, the Mission is a pretty amazing experience, wouldn't change it for the world. Oh, and I got talk to my good buddy Elder Tarabilda in the morning, and looks like he might hook me up with a job for the 2 months I'm kickin' it at home. Success! I really hope I was able to serve the Lord for these two years, It's realy the most important thing at this point. I'm also excited what he has planned for me afterwards, but gotta, as the Mehicano's say, Echarle ganas for the last 6 weeks (just ask Vicky was it means). Hope everything is awesome back at home, as it always is. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SANDY! Of course I remember these kinda things. You're awesome Sandy, I love you. (Thanks Mom for telling me these kinda things beforehand). Well sir, I guess thats all I've got for you's this week, Church is true, Christ lives, and that's definitely something worth being pumped about it. Love you guys!
Elder Abbott

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