Monday, September 10, 2012

September 10, 2012

Family! Another incredibly hot week down. Yes! And I think I'm starting to sweat less, which you know, is a huge accomplishment. Although I'm sure I've taught a few lessons with a reder face than the infamous "hot-face." But it's all good, the fact that I can see the finish line does put a lot of things in perspective, and you know, reminds me I won't have to be walking underneath this sun for forever. Our swimming pool will feel so, so, so good...I don't care if it will be November. Me and Sam are going in. I hope Sam's still alive and you guys haven't been keeping a secret like that Greg lost him like a year ago...I'll keep the faith alive. Alright, so what happened this week?
The highlight of the week was probably the famous "Consejo." So there's this meeting that zone-leaders have once a month with the President, and everyone wonders what happends in these meetings. Atleast I always have. And last Friday I found out, and it's a lot less exciting that you're probably thinking, but still cool. With the coolest parts probably being the free breakfast and lunch provided, can't even take a solid breakfast for granted. So basically the whole time we talked about keeping our faith up despite we're going through some struggles as a Mission. I told you guys that we stopped knocking doors and all that, right? Well this whole time we've basically been banking that the members would step it up and give us tons of references to teach...and guess what, hasn't really happened yet. So we've been sort of struggling finding things to do, and trying to avoid visiting those super weird less-active ladies that are in every area. Hasn't been easy so far, but we gotta keep going at it. It's easy to see that all of it's going to pay off because Satan is working so hard to prevent it. I'm sure the changes that we're trying to make will put Mexico back on the map, spirutually speaking. We're crossing our fingers for a Torreon Temple within the next 5 years, and the work that we do out here will definitely be a huge part of we get there or not. Me and my companion have to give another training meeting tomorrow to the Missionaries about all the stuff we learned in the Consejo. Wish me luck.
So thats basically my life up to this point, and I should mention that we somehow managed to eat in a super nice Italian restuarant last Monday. Thats the first picture I sent. I probably look like a Misisonary schmutz in these pictures, but I really don't think I'll be all that weird coming home. My English is sort of terrible, but I'm going to try to make it better these next couple of weeks. Oh, and Mom and Dad, I got the package you guys sent. True magic. I already read the book you sent me, it was awesome, and I read the TIME magazine like 15 times over. Candy was super good as always, and my teeth already hurt, which is a definite sign I enjoyed the package. You guys are the best parents ever. Well sir, guess thats all from me this week. Keep doing what you do, Family. Love you guys, Church is true, Goof and Gaff.
Elder Abbott

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