Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February 27, 2012

Family! So guess what, I am officially in a completely different place which seems really far from where I was. I guess I am now a resident of Zacatecas, Mexico! I am pretty much as far as you can be from Torreon at this point. In fact, my whole mission I have been moving farther and farther down Mexico. It's like different levels of the Mission. Torreon was level one and probably the easier to baptize, Durango was level two and it was a little harder over there, and now I'm in level 3, Zacatecas: the Catholic Capital of Mexico. No joke, apparently Zacatecas is like the Catholic Mecca of Mexico. Is that offense to say? I feel like I'm allowed to say it considering I've been in Mexico for over a year now. You guys should google maps Zacatecas, it's supposed to be pretty cool. I still haven't seen too much of it, but I'm looking forward to get a feel for the place.

I'll back up a little bit. The last week of Elder Astete and I was actualy pretty good, and we had some cool people lined up to come to the Church. Naturally they bailed on us. Rats. My main focus the last few weeks was just to strengthen the area, and I feel like I left it much better than how I found it, so not bad, right? It was a confusing last week of the change because we had no idea who would have transfers considering me and Elder Astete got there at the same time. Usually it's kinda easy to get a feel for who's leaving and who's staying, but this was a total mystery. But as always, the call came in late Sunday night, and now here I am in Zacatecas. My area is called Guadelupe and I know almost nothing about it, except for the fact we have a washing machine in our house, which is huge. Oh, my companions name is Elder Garcia and he is from some place in Mexico that I forgot the name of. He has about three months in the Mission, and I am his second companion. I guess I'm kinda old now considering I'm hitting 16 months this Saturday, thats kinda nuts. But it'll be nice to be with a dude who's fresh in the Mission who can help me keep going strong. But oh boy am I already tired, changes are always super tiring.

I'm definitely going to miss my last area, Indenpendencia though. It was my favorite area thus far even though it was super hard to baptize people. I feel kinda weird right now being in a whole different place, I feel like I really hit my niche in Durango...but time to start all over again. I guess I never really liked changes much in life, and the Mission is full of them, so I'm adapting. Hope you guys like all the pictures, the last one is a picture of Zacatecas I took right when I got off the bus. Oh speaking of the bus, they put three movies on! The first one was this terrible romantic comedy, and then it was this movie about trains with Denzel Washington, and the last one was The Tourist with Johnny Depp. Totally didn't understand it, but it seemed cool. Speaking of which, Oscars just happened, right? Sounds like it was a pretty boring year for movies minus HP. But still, gotta love Oscar Night at Abby manor. I should be around for the next one.

So how is everyone doing at home? Hope everything is going awesome as always. Well I havel like no time, but I'll fill you guys in next week. The Church is true, and that's awesome.

Elder Abbott

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