Monday, February 7, 2011

February 7, 2011

Hey! Man oh man have I got a ton to tell you. Let me start by saying Mexico is just crazy, seriously, crazy! But it´s also crazy fun, so it works out. I´m not even sure where to start with everything, so this letter is probably going to be super random, but that´s okay. I´ll try to remember as much as I can about everything, but no promises, you wouldn´t believe how much has happened in less than a week.

So it all started on the airplane. Our plane to Torreon seriously could have been a model airplane Miles would get for Christmas, my head definitely touched the cealing. It was kinda like being on a roller coaster for two hours, but not as scary as Snow White´s scary adventure. Mark knows what I´m talking about. So when we got there, it was like we passed through the space time continuem and went back in time, and also everything was in Spanish. Everything! Even the people! So our mission president picked us up and took us out for some authentic carne asada tacos, which were delicious. Actually I´m pretty sure i actually told you guys about this, so I´m just going to skip around. My companions are pretty cool dudes, one is a Mexican native named Elder Macedo who is taller than I am but younger than I am, and the other is Elder Bouchard. He´s a blanco from Texas, and this is actually his last week in the mission. So the rest of the week is kinda going to be Elder Bouchard victory parade, but no worries, we got two baptisms this weekend. Bam!

Mom, next time your looking at timeshares, don´t buy any in Gomez, Mexico. Because that´s where I am, and for some reason I just feel like you wouldn´t like it too much. I actually love it, the city is so alive around here. Everyone is out on the streets, playing soccer or selling delicious, but sketchy food. Our place is very cozy, by that I just mean super small. But we´re one of the lucky ones actually, we have a toilet! But you wouldn´t believe the amount of spiders around it, such intense bathroom trips. Our house is about as big as the sheds outside in the kennel next to the lakebed, and we fit three dudes in it. I don´t mind it actually, we have fun. Sadly we don´t really have any running water, so I take as many showers as I did when I was 10 in the summer. But that´s okay, because everyone here is dirty! Mexico is awesome. It´s kinda like living in the lakebed for two years, actually looking outside, it´s exactly like living in the lakebed. Abby might not love it here (riding in taxis and buses is just terrifying, I can´t figure out how people survive driving, but the key is to just to not look out through the driver´s window and enjoy the ride, Mom would plotz) but Cam Cam, you´d love it. There as so many dogs running around! There´s one right next to me right now in fact, and I have never seen him before. Everywhere you go there is just tons of random dogs running around, and some are friendly, and some are not so friendly. But turns out, in running a short distance, I am offically faster than a dog. I´m also way faster than drunk dudes, which is nice. But definitely most of the people and dogs here are very, very cool. Friendliest people I´ve ever met.

I have eaten more in the past couple of days than I have in my whole life! Everybody wants the opportunity to feed the missionaries, and we take every opportunity we can to eat. It´s a perfect concept. I´m getting used to the culture here, and how just everything works. Mexico may be close to the United States, but I might as well be on the other side of the world considering how different it is here. I didn´t know until after I ate it, but I did eat pig skin the other day, and it was delicious. I´m glad they didn´t tell me what it was until after. But also, remember those really good quesedillas they give you while your waiting for food at the El Torito grill? Well, we eat those at pretty much every single meal. Also, I totally forgot when I came here that they have completely different money! I think I´m figuring it out though, and I am currenly walking around with 1200 pesos in my pocket. I think that´s a lot. But no worries, I put my money in my missionary handbook, which is in my shirt pocket, and my wallet is empty! But I still carry it around just in case.

Spanish is coming along not too bad and I´m trying to do my best with it. It´s kinda hard to suddenly not be able to communicate with people, but I know it´ll get better. I´ve gotten way better at understanding Spanish, now I just have to work on the talking back part. I definitely believe that the hardest part is the first month or two in your area, because I don´t really know what´s going on too often, but I´ll pick it up.

So cool story real quick. Last night we were walking back to our place, and we saw this lady crying all by herself. We went to go see what was wrong, and she told us that her car got stolen and her husband ran after the guy who stole it. We prayed with her, and right after we finished praying, when asked her if she wanted to try calling her husband on our cell phone. Her husband didn´t pick up the first time, but the the second try he did! And apparently he got the car back! The lady was crying pretty hard, and started crying a lot harder after and gave us a hug. I know I´m not supposed to hug girls, but I wasn´t going to be like get out of here! So we walked her back to her family because she was kinda scared, we weren´t in safest part of town, so we made sure she made it back. So long story short, prayer works fools!

Alright, so hopefully everyone made it this far in the email without zoning out. Oh and by the way! You can send me DearElders here for free! And I get mail every week, so from now on if everybody could just stick to DearElder so I can spend my computer time typing and not reading, that would be awesome! I expect a letter from everyone, every week! And if you don´t feel like typing, copy and paste a nice letter from Mike Wilbon or Bill Simmons, I love them too.

Ok, so I better get going. I miss all of you, but this is definitely where I´m supposed to be. It´s hard, but I know it´s going to be satisfying. Plus, it´s fun. I love all of you, and you are all awesome. It´s incredibly nice to have so many family and friends behind you in doing something like this. Church is true, aight?

Elder Abbott (Ah-boot)

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