Thursday, February 3, 2011

February 3, 2011

Hey! So I made it. I am officially in Mexico, and it is loco. Its totally like being in one of those westerns that I love you, except every where has pictures of beer. And soccer. But thats okay, Im going to change that. I can keep the soccer, but it seems like Corona is the Country flag for this place. We got in last night, and I flew on the worlds smallest plane. There was some really fun turbulence coming out of Dallas, and it was seriously like being on a roller coaster for 2 and a half hours. Our mission president picked us up and he is a way cool guy. Not very many older dudes make me honestly laugh out loud on purpose, but this guy does and I love it. For example, this morning at breakfast, he just kinda looked a me for a second, held up his glass of milk and said: this, this is a cow! Love that man. So last night we ate a little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant, well obviously, everything here is a Mexican restaurant. It was so unbelievably good, and also I drank Horchata! I have a new appreciation for that Vampire Weekend song. The weather feels so good here, it was like 5 degrees my last day in SLC, and now its like 60! It feels just like home, and I am very excited. This computer is a spanish computer, and so is the keyboard, so it thinks that every single thing Im typing is spelling wrong. So many red squiggly lines underneath every word. So today isnt P Day and Presidente Clark just wanted me to let you know Im alive. So hey, Im alive. Lets see if I make it to next week, I have a good feeling though. I love all of yous, and plan your next vacation to Torreon Mexico. Its going to be the new Hawaii, only more much more dusty and crazy hot. So I guess Im done speaking English for a couple of years, so wish me luck with that, and yeah, love you guys!

Elder Abbott

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