Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December 12, 2011

Heya Family! How is everybody doing? How pumped is everybody to read another one of my emails? I'm pretty convined at this point they all are basically saying the same thing, but whatever. I think the reason they let us email once a week is just to pretty much let everyone know we are still alive. So there you go Family, I have survived another week in the Mission! So today is actually a huge day in Mexico, thats right, it is Virgin Maria Day! It's pretty nutso outside, so I don't think will be doing too much knocking doors today. Guess I can't get in the spirit of the Holiday, but thats totally fine with me. And to think, next Virgin Maria day I can spend with my family, it'll definitely be a day to remember.

So this was the first week of transfer part two in Independencia, and it was...alright. I probably shouldn't complain so much to you guys, but man is it hard to find people to teach around these parts. I guess I'm starting to understand why their wasn't a single baptism here for two years before we baptized Priscila. But I'm confident we'll find somebody, just gotta keep the faith up and keep on rockin' it, somebody will open their door. Needless to say we've been knocking a lot of doors lately, but I actually enjoy it believe it or not. You would not believe the people we find around here and the things they tell us. If you are knocking doors in Mexico, I guarantee there will be a truly hilarious/weird moment every 20 minutes. So me and Elder Astete just try to make the best of it and not stress ourselves out too much. I wish I could remember all the funny things that have happened, but I always forget them. Other than that nothing too crazy has happened this week. One of the members of our ward let us borrow his CD of Christmas songs, and it is so awesome. Totally changed the spirit of the apartment, it feels like Christmas! Sure it would feel even more like home with songs from Muppet's Christmas Carol and a little Mannheim Steemroller, but I guess that can wait tell next year. The things is, as a Missionary you really do kinda lose track of time and what Holiday it is, but I want to make my first Christmas in Mexico, and my last in the Mission, memorable. We've got a nice ward party to look forward to this Wednesday, and we have a few investigatores we're hoping that can come as well. Nothing better than Christmas magic combined with the magic of Missionary work.

I'm super excited to call everybody in two weeks. I already found great members who will let me use their phone to make the call. I'm thinking I'm going to call Christmas Day, but you guys need to tell me the time. Earlier would probably be better than later, like around 12:00 or so in the afternoon...but let me know. It'll be so good to hear everyones' voices again, and apparently there is a lot of riff-raff and scuttle-butt (as Mom would say) going in the NBA right now, and I need to be filled in. I'm keeping the faith that we won't have to lose the Handsome Spaniard to get fake Superman. I was counting on Pau to wait for me my whole Mission so I can see him in his glory when I get back. There probably are people who read that last sentence and wonder how we can love a team so much, but I've been surrounded by the Lakes for as long as I can remember, how can I not love them?

So still no new neices this week? I'll cross my fingers for the next week. I still haven't gotten a picture of Baby Bella yet, I gotta see what Mike's daughter looks like. Well I hope everything is going super well back at home and people are getting fired up for Christmas. Whats everyone asking for this year? Gameboy Pocket? Just make sure to "not put Gameboy Pocket in Pocket," like what the Honduran directions say. When is Jesus' birthday party planned for? I want to be a part of that too. I totally forgot what I put in the box last year, and I want to see if I made it happen after all. I've got a lot of things I owe to the Savior. I still can't quite undertstand everything that he did for us, but the more I am understanding, the more grateful I feel. What a cool Holiday Christmas is. All the people you love get together to celebrate the birth of the Savior. It's also a great opertunity to try to understand even better what his Birth meant. To me, it means that we can be happy forever as a family, and that is the most important thing to me. Anywho family, life isn't too shabby in Mexico, and I'm doing my best to take care of business down here. Make it the best Christmas ever, and tell me every trade that happends in the NBA. You guys rock. Talk to you next week!

Elder Abbott

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