Monday, October 24, 2011

October 24, 2011

Family! Alright so I got some exciting news for alls of you...I have a new area! I definitely didn't see that coming considering I just had one change in my last area, but I guess President had a different idea. So for those of you who can remember the names of Spanish colonies, I was just in Insurgents, and now I just got moved to Independencia. I'm literally ten minutes away from my old area, but this one has a completely different vibe. Right now I am in the straight up city/capital of Durango and it is absolutely nuts. I have McDonalds, Burger King, and Subway in my area! Usually you had to take a bus for like 45 minutes to get one of those kinda places, but now Uncle Tyler will be eating McDonalds with all the richies of Mexico. It's true, you have to be pretty dang successful to be able to go to one of those kind of places. What McDonalds is for Mexico, is like what Olive Garden is for us. No kidding. So anyways in this area there are huge sky scrapers and Catholic's a way different vibe than anywhere else I have been. But the thing is is that apparently this place hasn't seen a baptism in over a year and half! Not to mention I am opening the area, which means me and my Junior Comp are both came from different areas and are brand new to the place. I'm not even sure if I know how to get back to where we live, definitely should be an interesting first couple of weeks. So my companion is a pretty young Missionary from Peru that I actually haven't even met yet to tell you the truth. I will be picking him up at the bus station in a couple of hours, I'll make sure to tell you about him next week. I have never ever lived with some guy from Peru, guess I can put that on my list of things I never thought I'd do, but happened in the Mission. Hey you guys should try to Google Earth my area, I feel like it would work. Just type in Durango, Durango and look for all the giant Catholic cathedrals. Then look for some guys walking around in white shirts, because that will be me.

It was a pretty solid last week in Insurgentes, my last area. I actually spoke the other day in Sacrament meeting, and it was probably the most boring talk ever. I was asked to speak about Patriarchal Blessings which I thought was kind of a weird topic. So I just made the best of it and studyed up on all those things I heard about, but never really knew what it was. Those words you here like Tribes, Abrahamic Covenant, Lineage, stuff that never really interested me too much before. So I guess I just got into studying that and wrote the worlds most boring talk talking about why Ruben lost his birthright for forever. I'll be ready to be a High Councilmen with you Dad in no time. But anywho, we baptized 4 people in total last change, not too shabby right? I feel really good about the people we baptized as well, all of them should stay active in the church and go on to become the respective Sis. Edwards and Sis. Jensens' of their ward. We also had these two awesome dogs that followed us everywhere we went and would literally wait outside for us during lessons and what not. Apparently these dogs have been following the Missionaries for forever, the members call them the "Perros Misionales," Missionary dogs. I'm going to miss a lot of the people from my last area, but I'm excited for this chance to do some good in this area. I feel like President is expecting a lot out of me this area and finally bring this area a baptism, so keep ol' Tyler in the prayers, family.

So how is everything back at home? Mom and Dad are officially back from the coolest trip ever, which means I hope everyone will be ready come Sunday to watch 700 slides of the trip. I would actually love to see all those pictures, should be a little more interesting than slides of Idaho Falls or something. Other than that sounds like everything is pretty chill at home these days which is always good. So did Jacob break his arm or something? I saw the pictures that he was in a cast, what happend to that guy? Too excited playing Mario Kart? Well keep me posted with everything thats going on family, we've only got one more year of this Tyler living in Mexico thing, so lets stay strong with the letters and pictures sending. Anyways sorry if this letter is kinda boring, the next one should be better considering I plan on getting totally lost every single day in this new place. But I love all of you fools and I'll talk to you next week!

Elder Abbott

PS - Forgot my camera, I'll send pictures of the baptism and everything next week

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