Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28, 2011

Family! Well the moment you have all been waiting for has happened, officially got cactic'd, cactic'd big time. So there we were, helping one of our Investigators build her new house, but first we needed to clear the land of all the cacti and what not. Anyone notice that I just use the word "cacti?" I am a little impressed with myself. But anyways, I wasn't really thinking, and picked up a cactic branch thing, and threw it out of the way. Two seconds later, looked at my hand, so many red straight up spikes my hand. Darn you, cactis! Apparently the way to get out the needles is to chew gum, chew gum, and then move it up and down your hand to take out the needles. So our awesome idea to help out our Investigator with her house turned into an hour of Cactis Removal from Elder Abbott's hand. So much of other people's chewed gum all over my hands, so gross. But hey, it totally worked and now I am happy to say that I am needle free in my hands! Plus that very Investigator DID in fact make it to Church this week, which is absolutely huge in Mexico. Okay, so that is cool story number one for this week. This is cool story number two: Got destroyed by a little girl this week. We were visiting a less active family that we really like, and they have a couple of crazy kids. Crazier than anything I have ever seen in my life. Well, the Mom was talking to me about whats been going on in her life, and her little girl just starts straight up fighting me. I can't really do anything about it, well, because I am a missionary! The Mom decided to just not do anything, and this girl was just destroying me for like 20 minutes while I was trying to understand this Lady's spanish. Hey brothers, rememeber that one kid who was one of our cousin's kids? The Crotch Puncher? Well, this 6 year old little girl put that kid to shame. I don't know what I did to deserve it, but I still have the bruises to prove that definitely had it out for me.

What else has happened lately? Well, life is pretty good out here in Mexico and getting better all the time. In the MTC I remember them always telling me to just make it to Sunday, and everything gets better, which was true. Out here, they just saw make it through your first 6 months and everything picks up. Those of you who are keeping count, we are more or less at the 5 month mark, which I think is pretty crazy. Things do get better everyday, and I am really optimistic for the future. Definitely the most challenging months of my life, but super rewarding. Nothing quite like it, seriously. It used to kinda just be like, just make it to the end of the day, and then it became just make it to P Day, and now P Day's are starting to fly by and so are the transfers! This transfer is officially over and we are going to find out tonight who has changes. Apparently almost everyone is getting switched up, so it'll probably be a different feel in the district. I'm okay with that to tell you the truth, we've had some fun, but think I am ready for a change. The only two who are for sure staying around out area is me and Elder Valencia who only has one more transfer left in his mission. Elder Valencia is out of my best buddies so that's definitely good news. Going to start Round 2 of Mapimi in a couple of days, and I am hoping to get some much needed work done in that crazy place. It's a little scary being the younger companion though, considering the Senior calls most of the shots, so if you have Shmutz Senior, not too much you can do. I've been praying that I'll get a good companion next transfer, feel like I'm due. But life is good, I'm getting to know more and more people in the Mission and am getting closer to finding my niche. Still get beaten up by little girl occasionally though, but that happends. Hey, guess what, I can kind of play soccer now! I sort of know what I am doing and everything! I used to just kinda feel like I just got hit by the ball really hard and not really do anything, but my soccer game is coming together too. "Everything's coming up Milhouse!"

How is everyone doing at home? Thanks for all the letters from everyone, I am pretty sure I am getting the best missionary treatment our family has experienced. I've gotten like 3 letters from Greg, and like 2 from Randy! Mike has only said "your dead to me" like twice too, which isn't too bad I think. By the way Rando, everytime Twilight comes up for one reason or another around the mission, I always say my brother loved those books. But isn't that cool your talked about in Mexico? Even if your in the same conversation as Edward. So pumped about Marvelous's new Yob and Greg's new house. It's cool to see those promises fulfilled of the people I love being taken care of during my mission. I definitely don't want to take credit for anything, but Heavenly Father has definitely blessed this family a ton. Can you believe that Abby and Papa are going to go on a mission?! Tell them you want to come to Torreon, Mom and Dad! So hot, straight up desert, and people drive like absolute maniacs. You would love it Mom! Well, glad to hear everything is going good back at home, and sounds like things are getting better and better. And of coursse BYU is out of March Madness, is anyone really surprised about that? I never got to see any games, but I think we all got a little too excited about a 6'2 dude from BYU. Lakes will pick him up late in the first round or in the second round of the draft, and will play 5 minutes a game with DJ Mbenga. Okay to be honest, I would love to have Jimmer, I am a fan to tell you the truth, I think he's from New York which makes him way cooler. But say, for example, if he was from St. Geroge, just terrible. How are the Lakes doing? Better, right? End of the season is coming up, and where are we? How is Bynum playing? Have they given him a robotic leg yet? Someone told me that Derrick Rose is the MVP favorite? Derrick Rose is such a stud, I think the Bulls are my favorite team in the East.

Well, I think that's all I've got for you guys this week. I do write you guys a lot, don't I? Like I said, these P Days are starting to fly by, and I am running out of interesting things to say. And I really hope I can avoid cacti this next week, one experience is good for the story, but a second time would just be awful. I am definitely learning a lot out here in the mission. My life before the mission was pretty perfect, and everything was going really well. My whole life I have lived in a comfort zone and never really had to humble myself. All that changed during my mission. Suddenly I didn't have all my friends, or my family, or could even really communicate with the people, and everything was new. I think I am learning a lot of important things that are going to help me throughout my life, like how to self dependent. Something really important in your mission, sometimes you just gotta pick yourself back up and have faith in Heavenly Father, rather than a friend or a family member. Stuff that I am definitely going to carry with me for the rest of my life. Well, the church is true foo's, and I love all of you. I know we have tons of Birthdays in April, so in case I forget any of you, Happy Birthday! All of you rock, and I honestly feel like I have the coolest family in the world. I am a very lucky and blessed person to have the life I do. All of you are a huge part of that, so thanks! For everything. Keep in real family, and keep praying!

Elder Abbott

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