Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 14, 2011

Heya! Its Tyler! And after 20 minutes I officially figured out how to send pictures on this contraption. So unfair, the girl next to me has a computer that looks like its from the future, and mine would seriously struggle with Monkey Island 2. But no worries, I really feel like these pictures should work, I feel like I have earned it. Okay, so things are good in Mexico! Can you believe its already been a week since your latest installment in the life of Elder Tyler Abbott? I can barely believe how fast the weeks are going out here, and from what I have heard, Its supposed to only get faster from here on out. Man, I am running out of time! Well, as you can see, we had a baptism this week! That of course will be the first thing I tell you guys about, except I am a little distracted right now because I think whoever used this computer before left their instant messaging thing on and somebody is getting angry about me not responding. Gotta love that red X in the corner of everything on the computer. So anyways, baptism! I might have told you guys about Valente last week, but I really dont remember, so we are going to go over it again. Valente has been investigating the church for over a year now, and has attended church pretty much every Sunday that entire time. When I met him a couple of Sundays ago, I had no idea he wasnt a member, and then he told me a few weeks later that he was ready to get baptized. Of course I didnt really understand what he was trying to say, so I thought he asked me if I remember MY baptism, so I told him about my baptizm for 10 minutes before I figured out what was going on. Besides that, the whole experience was crazy cool. I have no idea what I did or if I helped him out with his decision, but either way we had another baptism in Mapimi! That is always a big deal, Mapimi averages a baptism once every 2 or 3 transfers, and this transfer we have had 2! Bam! Dont worry im not getting cocky, if anything life is more humbling every single day. But the day of Valentes baptism was a great day, we had 6 baptisms as a whole in our district! You can ask one of the brothers for all the missionary lingo sisters in law, and you too Mom. But anyways, apparently our district has been kinda on fire lately, and the President himself made a special guest appearence to our 6 person baptisimal service. The President of our Mission, not the President of Mexico.
Okay, so I have already told you guys the highlight of the week, and now I am trying to think of other exciting things. I want this emails to be loved for 2 years, so I gotta bring it every week. Oh yeah! Did you guys know that every Thursday we have a Noche de Hogar? Which means family night. We may not have mutual, or institute, or relief society, but man do we have Noche de Hogar. Every Thursday we plan a cool spiritual thought and play a game. This week we went for a David and Goliath feel, and had a pretty awesome turn out. Mexicans are really competitive though, especially when it comes to stuff about religion. So that just made it all the more fun. Remind me to show you the video I have of it in 2 years, you guys will love it. The only thing is that we have like two branches in Mapimi, the family night branch, and the actually go to church branch. We can never get everyone to attend both, they kinda just choose you or the other and call it good. Thats okay though, we like to look at the glass half full in Mapimi. We officially broke the 15 people in church last Sunday, not too shabby for Mapimi standards family.
So this is usually the part of the letter where everyone kinda zones out, right? Baptism this, Mapimi that, but just imagine yourself here with me because all of it is actually pretty exciting. But anyways, time for something more interesting, how are you guys!? I got a chance to get some letters not too long ago, and man do I love my family. All of you just rock. Theres not getting around it, just the best family ever. I think about you guys a lot, and people still freak out when I tell them I have 6 brothers. Some of the elder ladies ask of my brothers are single, which I quickly answer no every time. But isnt that cool to think that you guys are talked about somewhere in Mexico? Come on, get pumped! So my NBA source in Mexico, (my good buddy, Jose) told me that the lock out is finally going on? Is this true? I am not exaclty sure, and really want to know. If so, I am glad that it is happening now, when I cant watch it anyways, and the Lakes could use a nice vacation. So do I always bring up Lakers everytime I ask how everyone is doing? I think I do, but if you are a part of this family you know how Lakers are more or less a part of us, and so bringing them up is just inevitable. Other than that, anything new back in ol USA? Man, I gotta work on more exciting questions for you guys. I definitely hope everything is going great for everybody and everyone is loving life, enjoying their toilets that actually flush. Gergorious, was that no class? I say no class all the time in Spanish by the way, you would not believe how much it comes in handy. People sometimes ask me if it was hard being the youngest of 7 boys, and everytime I laugh and say no, it was the best thing ever. It probably should be hard to be the youngest of 7 boys, but nope, my brothers are my best friends. Did you appreciate that brothers? I think I am allowed to be cheesy, I am a missionary.
So life is going on for me in the mission field and I am learning something new everyday. I never realized how much there was to learn about the world, but its a lot more complicated that it seems as a kid. But thats the beauty of the mission, I dont have to worry about that kinda stuff and can just focus on two things, the Gospel, and people. Its really nice to just get down to the basics of everything and focus on the important things in life. Me and one of my buddies Elder Levie had a cool conversation last night on where exactly would we be if we never were exposed to the Gosepel. To make a long story short, I would probably be a total shmutz. I know you agree, family. Man am I grateful to have this church in my life, sure I made tons of mistakes, especially everytime we played No Dice, but I know I wouldnt be half the person I am today without the Gospel. Same goes for my family too. We have so much to be grateful for, there definitely is no family quite like ours. How fun are those weekends when we can all get together and have good times? Well family, what would you say if we can have that for all eternity? And no kids getting their grump on? The knowledge I have about the Plan of Salvation is the greatest knowledge I posses, life is so much simpler and better when you have a good understanding of it. Anyways, even though this letter probably wont go on my greastest hits letters, I am going to end it like the Lakers beat the Celtics last year, much in the clutch.
I love all of you guys, and I know the church is true. These two super simple things, are some of the two things I have really learned in my mission. That sentece sounded kinda weird didnt it? Well, you get what I am trying to say. You guys rock, and you gotta keep on rocking. To quote Grandpas friend who is actually an Alien, ya aint seen nothin yet
Elder Abbott

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