Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6, 2011

Family! I am starting to come to terms with the fact that I am slowly becomming a Mehicano. I had a conversation today with somebody about Americans, and kinda forgot that I am one. And the other day I was working with an Amerian Elder only for divisiones, and English was really, really hard. Is that normal? I may not come back with a Michael Jackson voice like Mark, but I think I am still going to sound weird. Did I sound weird when I talked to you guys a few weeks back? Who knows, but it is pretty cool to be speak a different language. I was thinking about it, 7 months ago there was no chance I could communicate with any of the people I know here. And now I've gotten to know a lot of different people that I would in no way have a chance to know before. I don't know, sometimes it's good to take a step back and appreciate things. Oh yeah, we had two baptisms last Sunday! Remember that lady I was telling you guys about, Hna Paloma, well her and her son got baptized last Sunday! Hopefully you guys get the pictures I am trying to send, but who knows with these computer that randomly turn off all the time. But anyways, it was pretty cool. We actually had Hector do it, he's a way cool kid from the ward here, and he's getting ready to go on his mission next year. Think about it, it's actually way smarter to have a member baptize them, because me and Elder Rivera are going to leave, but members can keep an eye on them after that. There are way too many less-active people here, and I don't want to baptize future less-actives, so it's good to get more members involved with everything. We have an awesome Ward, and our bishop totally loves basketball! We had a long conversation about the career of Dirk Novitzski, and he invited us to play some ball and eat Carne Asada this Saturday, how great is that? Sure it's a million degrees outside, but still a lot of good times to be had. So I finally figured out how celcius works, which is what they use out here. They would tell me it's like 42 degrees outside and I would think, ok I guess it's not that hot, but that converts to like 105 degrees! But to tell you guys the truth, I am totally use to it. The heat doesn't really effect me too much anymore, it's just normal around here. Plus I am looking pretty dark these days, I definitely can pull of as an Argentinian missionary.
So what else has been going on this week? We've been doing tons and tons of divisions lately, a companionship in our district isn't really getting along and they refuse to work together, so they stuck one of them with us all week. I actually like trios though, so I wasn't complaining. But they got all of that figured out and they had some special transfers, so peace is restored in District Torreon Jardin. So I guess the life of a missionary might not seem too exciting to other people, but this is my life, so I expect all of you to pretend to be interested in who had special transfers. Also, I spoke again last Sunday too. I have officially spoken more times in Mexico than I ever have back at home. I feel more comfortable with Spanish at the pulpit (is that what you call it?) than English to tell you the truth. Have any of you guys ever heard of a soccer player named Chicharito? He plays for Manchester United and is from Mexico, and everybody here loves him. My soccer knowledge has gotten so much bigger here, it's fun to talk about who is better, Lionel Messi or Christiano Ronaldo. Don't worry, I talk about the Church all the time too. Also I showed a member some photos of the family and they said that Mike was not the only the most handsome, but he also looks like Wayne Rooney. Sounds a little contradictory to me, but whatever. Good work, Mike.
So whats been going on with all of you? Summer is just around the corner, and the greatest time of the year begins. How pumped is Miles right now. He's got his Uncle's X-Box, Abby's house around the corner with a pool, and a new house too! Live it up Miles Jo. Except sounds like this will be the Summer of babies, so many sick sister-in-laws, getting their grumpster on. I will happily arrive when all the pregnancys are over, and all the babies will each be about one years old. Works out perfectly, beacuse I try my best to not hold any baby less than one year old, way too much stress going on. When is the Beach House trip going on? Maybe it's better I don't know actually, I don't want to be thinking about all the fun you fools will be having when I am knocking doors in a Mexican desert. But everyone have tons of fun for me, and get Devon to play stump for wood. Also here's a great idea for a family activity, everyone go to the store and buy your favorite candy (no Almond Joy or anything) and put it in a box, and send it to your Uncle Tyler! Great family activity that benefits everybody, especially me.
Ok, I actually am going to have to cut this one a little short. But not before I talk a little bit more about the NBA Finals. I heard the Heat one last night, which puts them up 2-1. The Heat are totally going to win, which bums me out, Dirk deserves a ring. He's too handsome to not have a ring. I dare every sister-in-law to Google Dirk Novitzski and tell me he is not a handsome man. I dare you!
Okay better rap things up everybody, but I love all of you and hope everyones proud of me. I remember my first day out here, our Mission President told us to "be the Missionary your Mother thinks you are." So thats what I am trying to do, I want to be as cool as Mom thinks I am, which is hopefully pretty cool. So anyways, take it easy, have a good week, and think of me when your chilling out in the pool. I love all of you guys, the church is true, and keep the letters coming!

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